Disables Seniors - Getting Physical with Physical Disabilities

Photo of senior citizens doing a group workout on a step tool with arms stretch out forward. The graphic says disabled seniors - getting physical with physical disabilities

     Currently, over 1 billion people live with disabilities. According to an article by CDC, about 15% of the world's population has these types of disabling conditions.


     Almost half of the elderly population, ages 60 and over have reported moderate to severe disability. These include hearing, vision, cognition, mobility, self-care, and independent living complications. 61 million adults in the U.S. have at least one of these disabilities. That’s roughly 1 in 4 adults that experience these everyday setbacks. It’s safe to say you are not alone in this.



     Mobility is the most commonly reported complication, with 1 in 7 in older adults. But don’t worry, there are endless amounts of resources and help for seniors with disabilities that can be used to improve the obstacles in everyday living activities.



     There are senior citizen clubs and senior citizen leagues that one could join to promote preventative medicine and healthy living for senior citizens. At PainXPro, we always recommend our Freeze Pump or Roll-On with 10% menthol and 500 mg of CBD as a fantastic gift idea for senior citizens.



     Mobility aids for seniors, such as senior mobility scooters, are also a excellent option to get around and take back your freedom. Walking aids such as special shoes for senior citizens to help make walking a little easier. It’s important for seniors to encourage regular exercise. There is exercise equipment for disabled seniors available, and senior citizen balance exercises to make this possible.



     You can also find information on senior and disability services that can provide care or free disability products for seniors. For example, check out this article on the best mobility devices for seniors, and see if something might benefit you! You can also check out our blog to learn how our products can help with recovery.





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