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500MG Hemp CBD Max Strength Freeze Pump + Free Shipping


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    "I have been in the law enforcement for over 20 years. Officer's carry a lot of gear. It's probably 25 to 30 extra pounds. I have struggled with back and hip problems for many years and have left the station on many occasions in severe pain. The first time I tried PainXPro was after a shift where I had a foot pursuit. I applied directly to my right hip and lower back. The relief was instant. I now carry a bottle in my gym bag and use on a pretty regular basis."

    -ADAM J.

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    "Firefighters are taught early on to lift with your legs. If your glutes and legs are not in top condition, you are constantly straining these muscles. I overworked my legs recently on a training exercise and tried PainXPro. My pain subsided but was not totally gone. Upon reapplication, my pain was totally gone."

    JAMES G.

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    "As an avid runner, I recently suffered a Strained Achilles. I used PainXPro for 5 days after my injury along with some light stretching, and can say that the strain has totally subsided. Very happy and impressed with PainXPro


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