Disabled Athletes - Getting Physical With Physical Disabilities

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     The very first event in sports for the physically disabled took place in Berlin, Germany, in 1888. The first international competition for the disabled was in 1924. It’s safe to say games for physically impaired athletes have been around for longer than some people might think. Actually, sports and disabilities have quit the impressive history. Sports have fostered this inclusion for many years, and it has become increasingly popular throughout the years, with seated volleyball being the most popular in 2019.



Benefits of Sports

     Disabled individuals carry a negative stigma that they are unable to participate in things like sports and sports competitions. They are usually excluded from several development factors such as education, employment and, social life, which is detrimental to their health. Being excluded from sports and physical activity further declines their mobility beyond the causes of their disability. There are many benefits of sports and physical activity for the disabled. While there are benefits of sports, injuries are bound to happen. PainxPros freeze pumps and roller is specifically formulated for athletic injuries of the skeletal, muscular system.


Famous Athletes with Physical Disabilities

     There are many incredible athletes with physical disabilities out there. Some famous athletes with physical disabilities are Baxter Hamby, who is still the only kick boxer who has ever won a world title with one hand. Another fun fact is he served as Tobey Maguire’s stunt double in Spiderman 3.


     Another famous athlete with a physical disability is Chelsea McClammer. She was in a car accident when she was six years old that left her paralyzed from the waist down. She finished in 8th place in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the women’s 800 meters. She was nominated for an ESPY for the “Best Female Athlete with a Disability” among her other achievements.



     Adaptive equipment for the physically impaired is a life changing evolution that allow physically disabled athletes who can now compete in sports at an elite level. There are also many publications that allow teaching disability sports easier. Finally, don’t be afraid to be inclusive. It’s good for everyone. it's suitable for everyone!




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